Monday, February 27, 2012

Grenadian Independence Day

February 7th was Grenada's Independence Day. After deep sea fishing in the morning, we headed down to the national stadium with some friends to check out the celebration. It was definitely different than Independence Day celebrations back home, but fun to be a part of! Here's to 38 years of freedom!

These guys were rolling down the street when we pulled up to the stadium

The parade...which consisted of Grenada's military officers standing in the heat (several even had to be helped back to the shade), then marching around the stadium a couple of times. Definitely different than parades we're used to! But a great way to recognize the officers.

Cute kids recreating the flag

They had several paratroopers land inside the stadium. It started getting pretty windy and rainy right after the first couple and one even ended up in the stands! (Luckily no one was hurt, other than maybe the paratrooper's pride...)

More street performers rolling by as we left

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The Becks said...

Wow that is pretty cool..very different for sure than what we're used to. I love that you guys are always out doing fun stuff, such great memories :)